The United Mounted Peace Officers of Texas

How do we do what we do ? Very simple, we educate you the rider. All of our trainers from the beginning in 1998 have said," we do not change horses we change riders". If you understand the horses eyesight, fight or flight instincts, horses language, and herd instinct, that along with feeding, stride issues, body conditioning scoring, and what every rider should know about medical issues for themselves. We were the first to ever train this in the Mounted Police World in 1998 by partnering with A&M Equine Science Dept. We know as we have had students from all over the U.S. and from various countries, who always say no one is teaching this!



                                       1. Horse Anatomy and Physiology

                                       2.  Equine Techniques

                                       3.  Mounted Equine Drill

                                       4.  Mounted Equine Obstacles Course

                                       5.  Mounted Equine Sensory Training

                                                          6. Mounted Tactical Defensives

                                                          7. Arrest Scene Scenaro


                                              Horse Anatomy and

We begin “Anatomy and
Physiology” on the anatomical breakdown of the entire horse.  We’ve partnered with Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.  A&M has developed cutting edge education in equine growth & development.  We have taken tons of information and broken it down into easy step by step instructions that a beginner or advance rider can take and use.  Ever wonder why your horse occasionally spooks at your barn cat they’ve seen a thousand times.  It’s quite easily explained in the anatomy portion of your horse’s breakdown.  It has a very easy explanation that will guide you in your knowledge you can take and use on any horse.  We teach you how your horse’s brain works and reacts in “spooking issues” that all horses have undergone. 

                                                        Equine Techniques
Civilians and Mounted Officers are trained using the same methodology.  When we started our clinics it quickly became apparent that no one program was giving & training the same method. This caused quite a bit of confusion to our students in the U.S. and abroad.  We wanted to correct this and give beginners and seasoned riders the same commands and cues that would instill confidence in the horse and rider.  The A, B, C’s sets you and your equine partner up for success.  While introducing you and your partner in sensory and obstacle training. We teach you how your horse’s brain works, and reacts in “spooking issues” that all horses have undergone. 
 We give clear and concise training in communicating with you partner.  It is our goal that through light hands, balance in the saddle & your body positioning to make you and your partner think & react in the same mind set.  There must be 100% trust from your horse in you.  We give you those tools.

                                                     Mounted Equine Drill

We use the Mounted Equine Drill to give you and you partner practical use and knowledge of the A, B, C’s that you are both learning.  This teaches your partner you are the Alpha in your relationship, and helps you on cue’s etc., to work in a herd mentality.  It also reinforces your partner’s ability to negotiate sensory and obstacle training that comes next in your course.

                                              Mounted Equine Obstacle Course

You and your partner will learn together to negotiate and overcome numerous obstacles.  We’ve taken years of training, and come up with an extensive obstacle course, that covers all possible scenarios you and your partner can train for.  You and your partner will learn how to negotiate barricades, log jumps, vehicles (with lights & sirens going, this training will be covered in this portion & Mounted Equine Sensory training), bridges, teeter-totters, hanging tarp and tunnel.  You and your partner will do all this in a calm, relaxed manner.  This is accomplished by using basic psychology on you and your partner in small steps. 

                                            Mounted Equine Sensory Training

The training you and your partner receive are the building blocks you need to do the mounted obstacle course and the above mentioned lights and sirens among “perceived” threats to you and your partner.  Such as loud crowds, smoke bombs, flares that produce strong fumes and fog.  In the A, B, C’s it is all broken down into small steps (as are the Mounted Equine obstacles), this ensures success and confidence in you and your partner.  We will create a unique and powerful partnership for the both of you.


                                             Mounted Tactical Defensives

In that same vein you will learn how to protect yourself in the saddle, make arrests and transport

rioters to the transport officers.


Arrest Scene Scenarios

No one teaching entity has the props or arrest scene scenarios TUMPOT uses! We will use scenarios

(multiple) years of mounted officers from our Board of Trainers who collectively have over 130 years of 

 mounted patrol experience, and training.



After the first two days of our five day course, you will have learned how to check your partners back for soreness, correct  saddling by a certified saddler fitter, and up to Texas A&M standards.  You will know the correct anatomical terms, so you can successfully talk to your Veterinarian & Ferrier.  You will roll a ball the size of a small car & push roller to teach your partner how to push a crowd, while protecting you partner and yourself.

If you come with an open mind & a willingness to learn you will be amazed at what you and your partner can accomplish.  Come surprise yourself!