The United Mounted Peace Officers of Texas

Mission Statement



To Train law enforcement personnel in Texas to be responsive to the human needs of lost, injured, and endangered citizens.



Vision Statement

Every law enforcement agency in County, City and State agencies in Texas will have the opportunity to be trained to perform with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in response to the human emergencies of lost, injured, and endangered citizens. A system of communications between these agencies will prevent overlaps and gaps in service. With TCOLE standardized approved training.



There are currently 102 mounted units in 254 counties in the state of Texas. Our goal is to provide adequate education standards for all of these units and assist other counties in forming mounted units. We offer the first state directory interconnecting all units in the state to be able to assist each other in an emergency. We have directors to coordinate this on a statewide basis.





We offer classes in : 

 Mounted obstacle course training (including fireworks)

Mounted crowed control

Mounted tactical formation and maneuvers

Wilderness medicine

Search and rescue

Mounted self defense

Theft awareness

Natural horsemanship

Horse desensitization

Round pen horse training

Horse nutrition and conditioning

We now offer skill level training and testing

How to manuals and obstacle course plans and building plans.