The United Mounted Peace Officers of Texas


 We Welcome New Texas Members

 If you are a mounted peace officer in Texas we would like to extend a welcome to join us as an individual or as a unit. If your a Mounted Officer or Posse leader and would like to become a regional Director please contact our office for information on how to do that. At this time we have several DPS region not represented on our State Board of Directors.

Yearly Individual Membership 45.00 discount at schools 10 percent

Yearly Unit Price Membership price is to cover up to ten officers 275.00. Membership ensures price discounts of 10 percent at Mounted Schools  on each of the ten officers. This means of ten percent of each officers school fees will be discounted. Ten officers @ 395.00 per officers= 3950.00  minus 10% equals 395. versus the 3950. Savings of 395.00 or the eleventh rider rides free.

 Lifetime Membership Badge. Ask about purchasing a lifetime membership today. Membership badge to qualified persons, (civilians must be members of Mounted units working under a recognized law enforcement agency) discounts at schools. Lifetime membership is $295.00 at this time. Request information. This is not to imply certified commission to non-certified person(s).